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  2. 4B4AH 40V 4.0 Ah Lithium-ion Battery


4B4AH 40V 4.0 Ah Lithium-ion Battery


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Westward Part Number: MIS4B4AH
Voltage: 40 Volt
Brand: Westinghouse
Application: Lawn & Garden
Series: 40VMAX+®
Type: Lithium-Ion
Weight: 3 lbs
Mfr Part #: 4B4AH
Supplier: Westinghouse

The Westinghouse 40VMAX+® Lithium-Ion Battery offers a convenient emissions-free alternative to gas-powered tools. Interchangeable between Westinghouse 40VMAX+® Cordless Lawn & Garden Tools, this durable battery pack harnesses lithium-ion energy that gets through trimming, edging, and cutting in a snap. Powered by Samsung SDI™, these premium battery cells provide higher capacity power storage in fewer cells to let you get more work done in a day. More than 30% lighter while holding 300% more power per cell than traditional nickel-cadmium batteries, the battery boasts shorter charge times and longer battery life to keep your lawn looking precise at a moment’s notice.