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12" X 30" AUGER


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Westward Part Number: GMR170570
Tractor HP (Max): 14-24 hp
Hitch: 0 - 3 point
Gear Ratio: 3:1
Mfr Part #: 170570
Weight: 28 lbs
Type: Auger
Auger Size: 12" x 30"
Style: Single Flight
Commodity Class: Add purchase cat P1 codes here

GMR is designed to fit most 14-24 horsepower tractors equipped with a Category 0 - 3 point hitch and a 540 rpm PTO.
It fits the 16 HP Kubota Model B7100. Capable of handling 6", 9" and 12" diameter standard duty 30" length augers, this 3 position boom allows the unit to fit a variety of tractor models.
A lever is provided for the operatorto adjust the auger starting angle
The gearbox has a 3:1 gear ratio and is protected by the shear-pin PTO drive. The gearbox features tapered roller bearings and spring loaded seals and has a 5 year limited warranty. Built for years of trouble-free work with a minimum amount of maintenance.

NOTE: Most tractors of this size have lift arms made of ? inch diameter, Category I pins, but with the 20 inch Category 0 spacing. Tractors with very short lift arms made for 5 /8 inch diameter pins may not be suitable for digging post holes. (Special ? inch diameter pins are available for those tractors that can handle the post hole digger).
Auger Size: 12" x 30"