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WORX® Biodegradable 6.5oz Hand Cleaner


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Westward Part Number: LUB11-1650
Size: 6.5 oz
Style: Bottle
Mfr Part #: 11-1650
Commodity Class: Add purchase cat P1 codes here

For occasional use, the 6.5 oz (184 g) size contains 150 hand washes, and is a convenient size to leave by a sink. Simply wet hands, shake a small amount of product into your palm, rub in a circular motion and rinse clean!

• First Hand Cleaner to Obtain Environmental Certification
• Lift Stains without Damaging, Drying or Cracking Skin
• Neutral PH Balanced, Eliminates Foul Odors
• Helps Prevent Dermatitis & Promotes Healing
• Removes Carbon, Brake Dust, Axle Grease, Graphite, Silicone, Printer’s Ink, Adhesives, Gear Grease, Fresh Paint, Varnishes, Fresh Industrial Coatings, Industrial Soils, Lube Oils, Coal Dust, Solvent-Based Adhesive Residue, Glue & more...
• Does Not Contain Microbeads, Walnut Shells, Harsh Chemicals or Abrasives.
• Food Safe (CFIA Approved)
• Readily Biodegradable
• Cost Per Use Saving: 1 - 4.5lb last One Mechanic a Year!
• Concentrated Powder has Lower Freight & Storage Fees

• Maintenance Facilities
• Transportation
• Manufacturing Plants
• Oil & Gas / Mining
• Agriculture / Forestry / Fisheries
• Government / Military
• Fire / Police / EMS
• Construction Trades
• Utilities
• Food Preparation
• Print Industry